Thursday, August 6, 2009

Give me...

craving soneone to rub my inner sensitivity,
emotional sensitivity.
support my visions, understanding my fears, offer mutual support
its nothing like disclosing thoughts, feelings, and emotions in order to reach an understanding...

Craving mental bliss
let me know im not the only one believing in altruism'
Social Evolution.
How clear is your conscience?
hoping you believe in real romance,
because i do.
Can u engage in different forms of reasoning?
Lets talk Hip-Hop,

Craving physical intimacy from an unselfish lover
erotically stimulating me,
touches in such a sensual manner
Sexual arousal.
Mutual collaberation is whats supposed to happen,
moving in sync.
Undecipherable words,
bringing my body awake,
say my name in your baritone...

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